Projects Screen.

Organize your projects and adjust project settings.

Projects Screen

This is where you start a new project, or choose one of the projects you've already created.

When you start a new project, or tap on the gear (at the right side of the selected project name), the project settings screen will appear. The choices you make here will control how the optimization works.

Project Settings screen
  • The kerf is the width of separation between parts (the width of a saw blade).
  • Usually, you will want to minimize cost. But, if you don't list the costs of all your stock, you may be better off if you minimize waste.
  • When you tell the app to use off-cuts first, your leftover pieces of stock will be used up first, even if the optimization is not ideal.
  • You can also choose to use inventory before new purchases, to avoid a trip to the store. Of course, this may be less efficient.