CutList Plus Linear

1D Stock Cutting Optimizer for iPhone.

Create optimized cutting plans for linear stock.

CutList Plus Linear works with all lineal stock.

Moulding, 2x4s, PVC pipe, rope, rebar, chain, landscape edging. Anything that is sold by the length.

Set up your own stock types, lengths and inventory. Even list your off-cuts. Optionally tell the app to use your off-cuts and/or inventory before new purchases. Mix parts from different stock types all in the same project.

Stock List

Detailed cutting plans save time and money.

Easy to read cutting lists show which parts should be cut from various stock lengths. Buy exactly the right amount of material for the job.


Customized for how you work.

  • Metric or English units.
  • Minimize cost or waste.
  • Specify the saw kerf width.

From the Developer of CutList Plus fx.