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$ 89
Silver Edition
50 parts per project
1,000 copies per part
Sheet goods, lumber, labor and hardware
Free iPhone, iPad and Android viewer apps
Print part labels
$ 499
Platinum Edition
Unlimited parts per project
5,000 copies per part
All the Gold features, plus:
Advanced part importing tools (for use with KCD and similar)
DXF export of diagrams
Raw materials import/export

See the detailed features comparison chart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade later without paying full price again?

Yes. If you are using the current version, you can upgrade at any time, and just pay the difference in list price between the two Editions.

What is the difference between the number of parts and the copies per part?

A "part" is one line in the parts list, regardless of how many copies you need of that item. Here is an example to illustrate what the terms mean. Consider a (very) simple table with a top and four legs. When entering this into CutList Plus, there would be just two parts, called "top" and "leg". You would have one copy of the top part, and four copies of the leg part.

Which version do you recommend for me?

If you aren't sure which to get, we recommend you start with the Gold Edition, which is the most popular. If you find that you need the features in the Platinum Edition, you can always upgrade later for just the difference in cost.

Is CutList Plus available for the Mac?

CutList Plus runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Here at Bridgewood Design, we run CutList Plus on our Macs using Parallels with Windows 10, but you can also use Fusion or Boot Camp. There is no Mac OS version of CutList Plus.