Use Dropbox to Transfer CutList Plus Projects to Your iPad.

1. Export for iOS

After creating your CutList Plus project on your computer, choose "Export for Mobile" from the File menu. This will save a copy of your project on your hard drive, specially formatted for your iPad. It will have a file extension of "icxp". Make sure you select your Dropbox folder to save the exported file in.

Export for Mobile

2. Launch Dropbox on Your iPad

The file you exported on your PC will be listed in Dropbox. Tap it to select.

3. Tap the Ellipsis Button

The "three dots" button is used to access the Export feature in Dropbox.

dropbox ellipsis button

4. Tap the "Export" Button

The "Export" button will access the "Open In..." options.

dropbox export button

5. Tap the "Open In" Button

The "Open In" button will bring up a list of apps, including the CutList Plus Viewer.

dropbox open in

6. Open in CutList Plus

Tap the CutList Plus button to launch the CutList Plus app with your project file.

dropbox open-in CutList Plus