What do our Customers Say?

From real customers, who gave permission for their names to be used.

This is an absolutely top-notch very versatile and very well written program that I find extremely useful in renovating (never seems to end) my home by letting me make oak cabinets and other built-ins as needed for the different rooms... Without CutList [Plus], renovation would have been a lot harder and slower

Frank Houston, TX

I was very impressed—with over 400 parts in PT lumber and Trex, I only had maybe 3-4 trash cans of waste. Truly amazing, efficient, and well worth the cost.

Bob Miglin Springfield, VA

I run a small nonprofit woodworking company in Tampa (vetmade industries). We primarily make wooden Adirondack chairs. I used CutList Plus the other day, and it saved a lot of wood (which equals money). I was able to use fewer boards, and produced a lot less waste. Instead of using 12 or 13 to cut material for 2 chairs and 2 footrests, I was able to use 11 boards, and still had enough left over to cut materials for a third chair. To save even $22 dollars per run in material costs is huge. Thanks for a great product.

John Campbell Tampa, FL

Your software has proven easy to use, and I am absolutely certain I've paid for the software and time using it by the efficient use of construction materials.

Geoff Smith Casper, WY

I use CutList Plus for every project, big and small. I love it. It's the perfect fit for how I work. Every update brings improvements that I get excited about all over again. I love the iOS App—I used to bring printed pages to my local lumber yard—now I just bring my phone! Thanks for making a great product and meeting a specific need with such excellence.

Steve Martens Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am a kitchen remodeling contractor and cabinet builder who has been using CutList Plus for several years now and it has saved me a ton of time and money. Easy for me to hand off the cut lists to the shop and have them cut efficiently. We know exactly how much material we are going to use. Numbering each piece makes the assembly easy and quick.

I switched to a new computer this Christmas and Customer Service was beyond my expectations. Highly recommend CutList Plus!! Give it a try.

Dave Weber Austin, TX

Thanks so much for the excellent customer service and an excellent product. Used the software twice yesterday and was blown away, wish I hadn't waited so long to buy it!

Ian Scofield Dupont, WA

We are loving your program! It is so much more flexible and user friendly than what we used before. I can't believe my husband was doing this manually until recently... crazy!

Jeanne Sator, Cabinets By Steve Boring, OR

I've said it before, I know, but I'll say it again: You guys totally get it. We set up CutList Plus as an integral part of our system years ago and we couldn't run any of our businesses without it. Almost every new feature you come up with saves us time and money. Thanks again for taking such good care of us as your customer!

Mark Johnston, Hardwood Specialties, Maple Hollow Woodcraft, Midwest Coach and Carriage Works, Blitz Iceboats

I could not be happier with the performance, features and customer support.

Cut List has proven to be far superior to the previous nesting software we used, and the ability to quickly and easily rearrange cuts on a nested sheet is extremely helpful.

Finally, the customer service provided has been excellent, we have never had to wait for a response and were always given great direction while we worked our way through the minimal learning curve.

I highly recommend Cut List Plus to anyone who may be considering sheet optimization software.

Peter Stone, President, Performance Design Systems, Inc. Smithfield, RI

"I have used CutList Plus for some time now and I use it quite frequently. I am totally blown away at its efficiency, ease of use, accuracy and time saving components. One of the best software to come along and well worth every penny. Well Done.

Fred Waelz Ontario, Canada

Your program has made my projects a breeze. CutList Plus is terrific. I can't say enough about it!

Mike Goodman Las Vegas, NV

"It is a refreshing surprise to encounter a software company that responds as quickly as you have. You can be sure I will recommend your outstanding software to anyone who will listen. It is a joy to use. The best I have ever used."

Wayne Standerfer Duncanville, TX

"This is just what I was looking for. I have shown my friends CutList Plus and they are very impressed (especially for the price) with the features and ease of use. Thanks again for a great product. It has saved me many hours."

Mike Shelley, Sawdust Creations Stafford, TX

"Service like yours cannot be found, so the only answer must be that I died and went to heaven or I am having a dream. Your program is just great and the service that you provide is splendid."

James Wildgust Sr. Doylestown, PA

"I used CutList Plus for all my kitchen cabinets. It saved me an unbelievable amount of time, and made cutting plywood so much easier and organized. I purchased close to $1,500 worth of wood, and wound up with only a miniscule amount of scrap. Thanks for all the work you've put into your software, and all the savings you gave me."

Rich Couture

"I love your program! It's unbelievable how much time it has saved me in just one day. Thanks for making my work so much easier. It really is ingenious, and I'll recommend it to my friends."

Andrew Horridge, Vogel & Horridge Classic Furniture Victoria, BC, Canada

"I want to commend you, the program sure is versatile! Thanks for bringing an excellent woodworking program to the marketplace. It makes job record keeping, estimating and material purchasing a lot easier."

Dave Schmidt, D&J Wood Specialties

"I can't believe in today's world the old-fashioned help you personally gave me. CutList Plus is a wonderful program that will save me lots of time and money. Thanks."

Bob McAtee Nebraska City, NE

"Thanks again for an outstanding program with equally outstanding support."

Mike Glennon, Heirloom Woods Weymouth, MA

"This is a really great program. It saved me bundles on a large job I just contracted for. The program more than paid for itself the first day. I highly recommend it!"

Jack Dunigan, Plane and Simple Woodworks Rimrock, AZ

"Thanks again! I'm very happy with the purchase. The cost I saved on lumber alone more than paid for my registration cost!"

Tim Jandt Waukesha, WI

"Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. It is a pleasure to find someone who tries to just give a good product at a good price with good follow-up service."

George Johnson Pahrump, NV

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your program. It's reduced our time tremendously. Congratulations on having (literally) one of the best cut list optimization programs on the market today!"

Mark Wells, Mark Wells Custom Cabinetry Dothan, AL

"Your quick response to my questions are quite refreshing. I have been in the woodworking and construction industry 22 years, and I do not lend my recommendation lightly. I am however about to recommend this program to the many professionals I have worked with over the years. I know what it takes to keep a customer happy over and above the actual product. Keep up the good work!"

David Stackpole Southington, CT

"Why hadn't I found this product sooner. It would have saved me many a headache and lots of money from over-buying material because of poor layouts on my part. On top of everything, it was soooo easy to use."

Jim Luther Nashville, TN

"The carpenter said that I would need 7 plywood sheets for my closet room, but after using CutList Plus, I found that I needed only 4 sheets. You saved me money."

Sharon Haber Nofit, Israel

"This is fantastic!! The last sheet-goods layout program I looked at was over twice the price and had none of the other features CutList Plus has. Thanks again for the fantastic program and keep up the excellent work."

Scott Garton, Scott's Custom, Quality Woodworking Pinson, AL

"I really appreciate the updated version of CutListPlus. I have enjoyed my first copy immensely. Thanks again for all the hard work and the prompt response to my e-mail."

Butch Sholar Fayetteville, NC

"Thank you! It works really great! I was up until 3:00 am doing a few Cutlists for some up and coming jobs. Mahalo again for your quick response."

Ed Kini, E&G Custom Services Honolulu, HI

"Not since Balloon Tires has there been a product that's such a pleasure to 'ride on'. It's almost addictive!"

Richard Garcia, Garcia Fine Guitars Arlington, TX

"The best dollars I have ever spent! The boss swears that this saves him 4 to 6 hours per project and keeps waste to zip! CutList Plus made me a hero!"

Bruce Driscoll Philadelphia, PA

"Your program is great in its simplicity and flexibility. Using it to make minor what-if changes saved me hundreds of dollars in materials costs."

Don Boyd, Custom WoodWorking Fayetteville, AR

"I just had to take the time to let you know what a brilliant piece of software you have. I write commercial software for a living. It is rare that I come across a piece of software that is so great!"

Albert Sanowskis Reddick, FL

"I've been looking for an optimizer like yours for some time. I believe CutList Plus saved me two sheets of product the first job I optimized. No shop should be without an optimizer, and for a small shop, CutList Plus is perfect."

J. Kevin Smith, Buildersmith Naples, FL (www.buildersmith.com)

"This program has paid for itself over and over... and the updates have been regular and very useful. Keep up the excellent work."