Published Reviews of CutList Plus.

"CutList Plus says they save the day. But do they? Short answer, yes. Yes in a big way."

Woodworking Network Magazine June 2015

"A one-time expenditure of less than $100 repaid itself in time and materials after just a few projects."

WOOD Magazine November 2005

"Takes the hassle out of calculating optimized stock layouts."

Canadian Woodworking May 2008

"The program shows you the most economical way of achieving what you need from your chosen material."

New Woodworking (UK) October 2005

"There are a lot of panel optimizers to choose from, but the one I'm sticking with is CutList Plus. Best of all, the program is easy to learn."

Workbench Magazine August 2002

"I was lucky to find a program that is simple to use and inexpensive to buy: CutList Plus. This is a real timesaver."

Danny Proulx, CabinetMaker Magazine May 2002

"I would have given my right arm to have a piece of software like CutList Plus."

American Router May/June 2004

"[F]or about the cost of a router bit set, CutList Plus is an investment quickly recovered in planning time and materials savings."

Rénovation-Bricolage (Canada) April 2004

"CutList Plus helps you maximize wood use for less than $100!"

Woodshop News February 2002

"CutList Plus can save you lots of time and headaches. It's easy to learn and is plain fun to use. And you certainly can't complain about the price or upgrade policy. I think there's a place for CutList Plus on many woodworker's hard drives."

"A nicely done app with an elegant, intuitive interface."

ZDNet 5-Star rating October 3, 2000

"CutList Plus will prove to be a great asset for the home or small shop owners who can't invest several hundred dollars in a professional cabinet shop program."

Woodworkers Journal ezine April 25, 2000

"Best of the Net. An easy and inexpensive way to decrease wasted wood."

"CutList Plus is an easy-to-use program for layout projects... it can save a lot of time."

The Woodworker's Gazette March 27, 2001

"Site of the Week"

The RunnerDuck Review online March 16, 2001

"Thwart the 'lumbering' menace with this handcrafted calculator."