Features Comparison.

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Express fx Silver fx Gold fx Platinum
Price $ 39 $ 89 $ 249 $ 499
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Parts allowed per project 25 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Quantity allowed per part 50 1,000 5,000 5,000
Material types:
Sheet Goods
Dimensioned Lumber  
Rough-Milled Lumber  
Hardware, etc.  
Free iPhone, iPad and Android viewer apps
Metric and English units
Drag and Drop diagram editing with snap-to-kerf
Multi-Core enabled
Per-material rotation control
Pinned diagrams
Optimize cost or waste
Option to use "off - cuts" first
Automatic cut part tracking  
Glued-up Panel Wizard  
Print part labels  
Automatic inventory adjustment  
Primary/Secondary materials  
Clipboard import parts from Excel, etc.  
CSV file import/export parts  
Per-part rotation control  
Edge-Banding on parts    
Multiple copies of a project    
Combine/merge projects ("Components")    
Customer proposals    
Pricing tool    
Shared materials (multi-user*)    
CAD Integration    
Advanced part importing tools (e.g., for KCDw)      
DXF export of diagrams (for CNC)      
DXF Import (via CAD Integration)      
Raw Materials import/export      
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Requires Windows 7, 8 or 10.

* Shared materials feature requires either a site license or a license for each user.