CutList Plus Express
Streamlined. Simplified.

Sheet layout optimization for any budget.

Free iPhone, iPad and Android viewer apps included!

Save money on every project.

"A Joy to Use."

The same sheet layout optimization engine that powers CutList Plus fx, and even easier to use.

Perfect for modest-sized projects using any type of sheet material. Plywood, metal, glass, stone or fabric. CutList Plus Express will generate the cutting diagrams for you, with an interface free of distractions.

And, when you're ready for even more power, you can upgrade to CutList Plus fx and your project files will move with you.

CutList Plus Express cutting diagrams
CutList Plus Express cost summary

Your Savings Add Up Quickly.

Detailed reports show you the materials costs for each project.

Your one-time investment in the software is paid back time after time, with each project you build.

Free Mobile Apps Included.

CutList Plus Express will even export project files that can be viewed using the free companion apps for iOS and Android.

CutList Plus viewer for mobile

From the Developer of CutList Plus fx.

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