How to Backup and Restore the Raw Materials Database.

Note: These instructions refer to the single-user mode. For backing up the shared raw materials data, please refer to the multi-user documentation in the manual.

Your raw materials information is stored separately from your project files. The technique shown here is used to make a backup copy of your materials information. You can also use This process to copy the raw materials data to a different PC.

To Make a Backup or a Copy of the Raw Materials Database

  1. Go to File>Backup/Copy Raw Materials...
  2. Choose a folder to store the backup copy in. This can be on your hard drive, a network drive or any other media.
  3. The backup file created above is named Matls.CLD. You can schedule your backup software make additional copies of this file.

To Restore the Materials Data from a Backup

Simply go to File>Restore Raw Materials... and select the folder that contains your backup. CutList Plus will take it from there.