CabinetSense Integration.

CabinetSense makes it extremely easy to transfer your parts to CutList Plus fx, including all the DXF data for those parts. Here's how:

  1. In CabinetSense, go to the Dashboard to export your project.
  2. In CutList Plus fx, choose File>Open... and select the file from step 1.

That's all there is to it!

In just a couple of steps you can go from this CabinetSense rendering:

CabinetSense rendering

To this CutList Plus DFX cutting diagram:

dfx cutting diagram

Transferring plain parts data (rectangles only; no DXF) works with the Gold Edition, version 12.5 or later. To transfer DXF data, you'll need CutList Plus Platinum Edition and the CNC version of CabinetSense.

More detailed information about exporting from CabinetSense is available from the developer.