Troubleshooting Skipped Parts.

CutList Plus reports any skipped parts on the Skipped Parts list, available on the Layouts screen and on the BOM screen. The Skipped Parts list shows the specific reason that each part was not placed on a cutting diagram.

Always check the Skipped Parts list first, since it usually provides enough information to point you towards a solution.

Depending on the problem, there are several approaches to fixing things:

  1. On the Parts screen, be sure the parts specify either dimensioned lumber or sheet goods. (It is not possible to have cutting diagrams for rough lumber.)
  2. Also on the Parts screen, make sure a specific material name has been selected for the parts.
  3. On the Raw Materials screen, check to see if the specified material is set up with the correct stock sizes.
  4. Also on the Raw Materials screen, make sure the setting for First Cut Direction is not too restrictive.
  5. Finally, see if there there is sufficient inventory for all the parts in your project (or make sure you have checked the Can Buy More box).