Importing Data from CAD Programs.

There are two ways to transfer a list of parts from a CAD program to CutList Plus fx.

The easiest way is CAD Integration, which allows you to directly open files created by select CAD programs.

If your CAD software does not offer this option, you can use the Import Wizard to import from a CSV file or the Clipboard.

CAD Integration

Using CAD Integration is a simple two-step process:

  1. In your CAD program, save your parts list in the format designed for CutList Plus fx.
  2. In CutList Plus fx, open the file (using File>Open...) just like opening a normal CutList Plus project file.

The CAD programs that currently offer this capability are:

CAD Integration is available in the Gold and Platinum Editions. DXF import requires the Platinum Edition.

Import Wizard

CutList Plus fx Silver Edition and higher can import a list of parts that has been exported by your CAD software. This can be done using the Windows Clipboard, or via a CSV file generated by the CAD program. (A CSV file is simply a plain text file, with the columns separated by commas. Most CAD software can export data in this format.)

For some CAD programs, you need to use the "Advanced Import" tools in CutList Plus Platinum Edition. Those programs are noted below.

Following are some tips for importing from a variety of CAD programs. For complete information about how to export data from your particular CAD software, please contact the developer of that program.

The Import Wizard is available in the Silver, Gold and Platinum Editions.